About Us

Who are we?

As security professionals, Garry Dunn and his staff have over 20 years in experience in the management and execution of mandates for security. They meet the stringent requirements that exist in the environment and have become known for their efficiency to deal with the tasks assigned to them.
Dunn Maximum Security team knows the needs of its customers at any time. Bilingual, available round the clock, 7 days on 7, Maximum Security Dunn is a rigorous company that deserves the trust of its customers.

Our team consists of trained and certified security professionals. Walking or driving, alone or in groups, they are able to work as night watchmen in commercial spaces as well as guards at festivals. They all have their security licenses,First Aid license and their license handcuffs' possession. They know how to react to any situation!

Maximum Sécurité Dunn won the award for #1 Security Company in Quebec in 2013, attributed to the modern surveillance installations and professional team.

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